"We read to know that we are not alone." — C.S. Lewis

Discovering Alexis Hall: Beautiful characters, beautiful prose

A few days ago, I discovered Alexis Hall, author of several Spires books, tales of life in London. I read with trepidation, to be honest. My first foray into Hall’s work was a BDSM-themed novel titled “For Real.” The gorgeous prose and deep characters blew me away. I’d waded into Hall’s writing expecting tolerable mediocrity, and I came away envious of his talent.

I’ll be honest. I tend to find the BDSM genre to be a bit sketchy. Too many books are about the sex, not the characters. Authors seem to think if they throw in enough sex scenes, the writing doesn’t matter. Even highly successful BDSM books can be fairly mediocre. So, it’s not exactly my favorite thing to read.

But Alexis Hall’s book, “For Real,” had a lot of depth. His characters were compelling, well-developed and thoughtful. And his prose was quite beautiful.

In the book, Laurence Dalziel is an emotionally distant man with very real heartbreak in his past. He’s cynical at times, but also vulnerable. Toby, at just 19 years old, is the last man Laurie would expect to spark a real connection and fulfill his submissive needs, but sometimes life breaks stereotypes. Toby — despite being extremely new to the scene and so, so young — has exactly the right brand of sugar-coated sadism to give Laurie something real.

You can find the book here in whatever format you might read:

floodNot all of the Spires novels are BDSM-themed, although I do suspect sad, heartbroken men may feature in many of them. I went on to read “Waiting For the Flood,” the story of Edwin Tully, a quiet man who tends to damaged books while also preserving a broken heart. When a flood brings a new man into his life from the environment agency, hope for a future springs anew.

To explore Alexis Hall’s Spires books, click here.

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2 thoughts on “Discovering Alexis Hall: Beautiful characters, beautiful prose

  1. I just randomly ran across this review today. Lovely review, by the way; I’m a huge fan of this author & yes, the prose is always lovely. But just thought you might like to know, Alexis Hall is a “he”, rather than a “she” 🙂

    • DJ Jamison on said:

      Thanks for your comment, and the head’s up about Alexis. I should have realized. Usually I get tripped up by assuming authors are a “he” when they’re a “she.” Now I’ll go edit the blog, so future readers have no idea what we’re talking about 😉

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