"We read to know that we are not alone." — C.S. Lewis

All Note Long is how you’ll read this book

allnote“All Note Long” by Annabeth Albert captured me from Page 1. And like the title’s play on words, I was reading all night long. Sufficed to say, I wasn’t disappointed. Lucky ensnared me as easily as he did Michelin Moses.

What struck me most about “All Note Long” were the incredible characters, and how different they were. Often when you read a romance with alternating POV, you run into problems where you forget — just for a moment — whose perspective you’re reading. You will never have that problem with Albert’s third book in the Perfect Harmony series.

Michelin and Lucky are very much people from two different worlds, and that’s reflected in their voices throughout the story. Lucky is a dancer who prefers rap and R&B and is a master twerker who loves showing off. Michelin Moses is a famous country musician who is fairly introverted unless there’s a guitar in his hand.

Michelin has been in the closet for so long it’s become claustrophobic. But his career in country music depends on his discretion. Michelin’s not one for casual hook-ups, so that’s not difficult to maintain, until he meets Lucky while he’s go-go dancing at a well-known Hollywood gay bar.

A brief meeting away from the stage looks to be leading to a date, but a misunderstanding infuriates Lucky and puts them on a path to nowhere — until photos and gossip are printed the next day, accusing Michelin of paying Lucky for sex. Now, for both their sakes, they’ll have to present a story that won’t destroy their careers and reputations.

At its core, “All Note Long” is a coming out story, with all the hallmarks of one closeted character and one out-and-proud one. There are other obstacles that threaten their fledgling relationship, from Lucky’s struggles with money and his pride that won’t allow him to accept help to Michelin’s seeming inability to truly respect Lucky’s dancing as a serious career. As the two muddle through, you’ll be rooting for their romance, despite their differences.

Throughout the Perfect Harmony series Annabeth Albert creates unique characters and story lines. Her incorporation of minority characters is also a highlight readers may appreciate.

trebleThe first book, “Treble Maker,” is one of her sexiest, featuring a Christian gay boy who’s accepted by his family and conservative college as long as he doesn’t act on his sexuality and a rebellious, gothy rocker who’s determined to push all his buttons. Book 1 happens to be on sale for 99 cents on Amazon at the time of this blog post.


In the second book, “Love Me Tenor,” we’re introduced to Jalen — a guy who’s starring on a boy band television show as a favor to his foster sister, even though he’s never pursued music as a career and has little interest in the fame — and Trevor, a periphery character from the first book who’s hiding health problems and stressing about problems at home.

All three books have one theme in common — that the characters don’t seem like an obvious choice for a love story. They come from different worlds and hold different values, but somehow they overcome the obstacles to find understanding and love.

All Note Long” can be read as a standalone, but why would you want to do that and miss out on the first two great books in the series? I highly recommend the entire series — and anything else Annabeth Albert writes, for that matters. She’s quickly become one of my favorite, most reliable authors in the m/m genre.

You can find her books on Amazon, as well as other retailers.

NOTE: I was provided an free copy of All Note Long in exchange for an honest review.






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