"We read to know that we are not alone." — C.S. Lewis

New release and excerpt!

I’ve been behind in my blogging, but have you ever written/edited two books at once, while writing author guest blogs and business blogs by day? I’m exhausted! Also, I’m a procrastinator, so there’s that.

Enough with my excuses.

I’m excited to say that “Catching Jaime” officially releases July 1. It’s available for pre-order now at various online bookstores. Recently, I wrote a guest blog on Joyfully Jay, offering an excerpt from the book. The giveaway contest has ended, but if you want a sneak peek inside the book, you can find it there.

Catching Jaime is my first full-length m/m romance. It’s the sequel in a series (Espinoza Brothers) that begins with a m/f romance, but it can stand on its own.

Story blurb for Catching Jaime

Catching Jaime, gay romance new adult book by DJ JamisonWhen Jaime Harris is outed at a party, his quiet life starts to fall apart. His best friend avoids him like the plague, and his younger sister blackmails him in exchange for keeping the truth from their mother. The only bright spot, strangely enough, is Tony Espinoza, who relentlessly pursues his friendship. Why Tony cares at all is a mystery, and as their friendship evolves into something more, it seems too good to be true. Can Jaime trust his heart to the cutest, sweetest straight boy he’s ever met?

Tony Espinoza is angry and confused. His brother’s betrayal cuts deep, even after amends have been made, and he’s torn about the direction he should take with his future. In the midst of it all is Jaime Harris. Fixating on Jaime’s problems makes a great diversion, but the more he gets to know Jaime, the more he realizes the guy is more than just a distraction. He’s slowly becoming everything. Now, if only Tony could get him to believe it.

Find Catching Jaime at a variety of online bookstores:

Barnes & Noble


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