"We read to know that we are not alone." — C.S. Lewis

My New Year’s resolution means goodies for you!

As I considered my New Year’s resolutions regarding writing, I knew my primary one had to be to put a larger effort into reaching and engaging with readers. I wrote several books in 2016 and was excited to meet (via social media, and occasionally in person at GRL)  loyal fans who enjoyed my m/m romance books.

I created a Facebook group to share fun teasers, ask readers’ opinions about everything from character names to their cover design opinions, and offer exlusive giveaways for their constant encouragement.

What I didn’t do in 2016 was build much of a mailing list. That’s where the goodies for you come in.


In 2017, my resolution is to grow my newsletter and reach more readers. As an added incentive, I’ll start offering bonus content. No one wants a mailbox cluttered with meaningless sales pitches, so I’ll endeavor to offer giveaways and bonus stories about existing characters and new ones.

mehMy current giveaway is a free novella titled “My Anti-Valentine,” which will be delivered to my subscribers on Feb. 14.

“My Anti-Valentine” is the story of a jaded gray-asexual, Bret, who has given up on romance after two failed relationships in which partners couldn’t handle his sexual limits. He throws an anti-Valentine’s Day party to burn his ex-boyfriends’ belongings and celebrate freedom from a commericalized tradition. There, he meets Harry — a hopeless romantic who’s getting tired of settling for shallow one-night-stands but can’t seem to figure out how to meet “the one.” Harry still believes in romance, and he’s determined to convince the cute hipster, but will he still think love trumps sex when he learns the truth about Bret?

The giveaway is part of a larger Valentine’s group giveaway that includes many authors, and I’ll update my followers with info on that opportunity closer to the date, so they can discover other authors’ work, as well.

I hope to regularly offer valuable content to my mailing list as a thank-you for their loyalty and support as I take the next step as an independent author. I hope you’ll be one of them!


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