"We read to know that we are not alone." — C.S. Lewis

About DJ Jamison

DJ Jamison is an avid reader, and enjoys sharing her finds via blogs and Twitter. She’s had a lifelong love of reading and writing, and always secretly wanted to author her own books. Recently, she waded into the waters of e-book publishing and has tried her hand in the gay romance genre. The Ashe Sentinel Connections series of novellas is the result.

She briefly considered writing under a fantastic pen name, but decided that’d be too much like hiding in the closet. As the author of gay characters, it felt dishonest. So, she settled on being discreet, by using her own initials and last name. No doubt, she’ll be outed any day by people who are not part of her target audience but do know the shade of her hair.

The ReadEye is a book review blog, however, and she’ll continue to share her favorite books and strive to avoid blatant self-promotion — except for on the rare occasion she really can’t resist. There may be some self-publishing, e-book news and other topics that sneak in from time to time, as well.




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